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What to Put Under Gun Safe on Hardwood Floor? (Protect Your Floors)

What to put under gun safe on hardwood floor?

This is a question I asked myself after my wife expressed concern that the weight of my new rifle gun safe would damage our hardwood floors.

And she was right.

Within a few months, the surface where we had placed the gun safe already had some scratches and deep dents.

I knew then that I had to quickly find a solution.

Gun safes are notoriously heavy and when placed directly on hardwood floors, the damage can be quite extensive.

After doing some research, I found a lot of gun safe owners recommending placing a rubber mat or a plywood under my gun safe.

It was the best decision I made since the new spot does not have any scratches or dents.

After some research,  I stumbled upon the XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Equipment Mat. (NB: I understand that this mat is temporarily out of stock. Here is an excellent alternative that is also suitable for heavy gun safes. Its made of vulcanized rubber and is thus incredibly strong and durable. I recommend the IncStores Premium 4ft x 6ft Rubber Gym Flooring Mats Vulcanized Rubber Flooring Equipment Mats.

XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Equipment Mat


Unlike most rubber mats, this particular mat is made exclusively from recycled rubber.

This makes it highly durable, flexible, resilient, stable, and most importantly, moisture, mold, and mildew-resistant.

In this article, I am going to list down all the reasons why you should place this mat under your gun safe on hardwood floors.


What to Put Under Gun Safe on Hardwood Floor?


Why Do I Recommend the XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Equipment Mat?


  •   Its super thick and therefore provides a protective cushioning between your heavy gun safe and hardwood floors


  •   It helps prevent damage to your hardwood floors- no dents or scratches


  •   It’s a very heavy mat- it won’t slip or slide while in use


  •   It’s a very dense mat and is sturdy enough to accommodate even the heaviest gun safe


  •   It does not hold moisture and therefore won’t make your gun safe rust


  •   It’s a versatile multipurpose mat that can also be used as a gym mat, exercise mat, garage mat, and other uses


  •   It’s made of the toughest rubber that can be easily drilled in order to bolt the rear wheels of the gun safe down to make it immovable


  •   It wont stain or discolor your hardwood floors


  •   Its heavy, durable, and will last a very long time


  •   It offers an easy way to raise your gun safe off the floor


  •   Thanks to this mat, your hardwood floor will be able to comfortably accommodate your heavy gun safe


  •   With this mat, you can easily place the heavy gun safe on the second floor without worrying about it falling through the floor (this rarely happens)


  •   It’s sold at a reasonable price


  •   Given its durable construction, this mat will offer you great value for your money


How Much Does this Gun Safe Mat Cost and Where to Buy?


Given its sturdy and durable rubber construction, I would say that this mat is reasonably priced.

It is constructed from recycled rubber that is super firm, heavy and durable.

I got mine on Amazon at an affordable rate.

Click Here to Check its Current Price on Amazon


Is a Gun Safe too Heavy for My Hardwood Floor?


To ensure that your firearms are well protected, you definitely need a very heavy and durable gun safe.

A heavy gun safe will be too difficult for burglars to carry it, no matter how hard they try.

That’s exactly why you need a heavy safe.

However, most gun owners often ask;

“Is a gun safe too heavy for my hardwood floor?”

The simple answer is no.

A gun safe is not too heavy for your hardwood floor.

As long as your floor is constructed according to code, then your floor should be perfectly capable of handling the weight of the safe.

Entry level gun safes weigh between 200-600lbs while mid size  safes weigh between 600-1000 lbs.

High end gun safes weigh beyond 1000 lbs while commercial grade gun safes weigh between 2000lbs and 5000lbs.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the gun safe falling through the floor especially on the second floor.

However, what you need to be more worried about is the gun safe scratching and creating deep dents on your hardwood floors.

That’s why I’ve recommended placing a heavy duty and dense mat like the XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Equipment Mat.


Will a Rubber Mat Stain my Hardwood Floors?


I’ve used this mat for years and it has never stained my floors.

You can even place it on your carpet and it won’t discolor it.


Will Moving Gun Safe Across Hardwood Floor Scratch it?



Moving a gun safe across hardwood floors will definitely create some unsightly scratches and dents.

Make sure you use a hand truck like the Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly when moving your gun safe on hardwood floors.

This cart doesn’t just make it easy for you to move your heavy gun safe in the house, but it also protects your floors from scratches.


What to Put Under Gun Safe on Hardwood Floor- Bottom Line


Gun safes can cause irreversible damage on your hardwood floors.

They are extremely heavy and this weight can quickly take a toll on your floors.

In addition to damaging your floors, placing a gun safe directly on your hardwood floors can cause it to rust due to moisture built up.

Placing a moisture-resistant mat like the XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Equipment Mat will help protect your floors and the gun safe itself.

So go ahead and put your gun safe right under your hardwood floors without any worries.

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