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How to Fix Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas

“How to fix matted carpet in high traffic areas?”

This is quite a common question that many homeowners often ask.

A matted carpet often looks extremely messy and dirty.

Of course, with all the foot traffic, the matted area of the carpet is bound to trap more dirt, dust, and debris.

Under the pressure of all the foot traffic, the carpet fibers end up getting crushed, compressed, and therefore give a flattened appearance.

Typically, the matted area tends to be harder instead of being fluffy like a normal carpet is supposed to be.

I know how frustrating a matted carpet can be. So I am going to ease your worries by providing you with some of the best and most effective ways on how you can easily fix your heavily matted carpet in high-traffic areas.


3 Ways on How to Fix Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas


1.Vacuum the Matted Carpet Thoroughly


One of the best ways to fluff-up a matted carpet is by cleaning it on a regular basis.

I recommend vacuuming the matted high-traffic carpet area at least once a week.

Although vacuuming the matted carpet will only help loosen up the mat just a little bit, it will surely help remove any ingrained dirt, loose dirt, debris, mud, and dust that may be holding the fibres together.

Like I said earlier, dirt stuck on a carpet in high traffic areas causes it to become matted really quickly.

Actually, the dirt is often visible since the matted area often seems a little bit dirtier compared to the rest of the areas.

If you don’t have a good carpet cleaning machine, I totally recommend the BISSELL TurboClean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer.

This upright carpet cleaner machine from Bissell boasts of a four-row dirt lifter power brush and a powerful suction that allows it to easily remove embedded dirt, tough stains, and even pet messes.

When used in combination with the Bissell Oxy Formula, the Bissell TurboClean Powerbrush Upright Carpet Cleaner machine will leave your carpet clean and fresh.

Like I stated earlier, this is just the first step to fixing your matted carpet in those high traffic areas.

Using a carpet rake is a highly effective method for fluffing up a matted carpet or rug.

Let’s discuss using a carpet rake to fluff up your carpet right below.


2. Use a Carpet Rake to Fluff-up your Carpet


With all the debris and ingrained dirt removed from the matted area of your carpet, it’s now time to use a carpet rake to detangle those compressed carpet fibers.

A carpet rake is a tool that helps revive your matted carpet fibers and keeps the pile looking new and fresh. It loosens up the carpet fibers and makes them more flexible to stand up straight.

In addition to fluffing up a carpet, a carpet rake can be used to agitate heavily soiled high-traffic areas on your carpet and loosen up embedded dirt.

Basically, this tool does a great job bringing ingrained dirt, pet hair, debris, mud, human hair, and other dirt to the surface for easier cleaning.

One of the best carpet rakes for fixing a matted carpet is the LandHope Carpet Rake Long Handle.

This rake is more efficient at removing dirt, hair, dust, paper scraps, and all sorts of debris compared to a regular broom.

It even picks up tiny dusts that your regular vacuum may not be able to reach.

The LandHope Carpet Rake has a really long handle so you won’t have to worry about back pain due to bending too low.

Using this carpet rake is quite easy. All you have to do is push the rake back and forth on the matted area of the carpet until the fibers are standing upright.

The rake comes at an affordable price and you can easily get it directly on Amazon. Click Here to Check its Current Price on Amazon.

NB: You can either rake the carpet before vacuuming in order to loosen debris and the fibers for better vacuuming results. Alternatively, you can rake the carpet after vacuuming so that you can give the carpet a brand new look and feel.


3. Apply Some Moisture onto the Matted Carpet


Another effective method for reviving matted carpet fibers is by applying just enough moisture and then using a brush to straighten up the fibers.

For a large matted area, I recommend spraying lukewarm water just enough to make the area wet. Avoid pouring water directly as this may cause it to seep through the carpet onto the floor, which may damage the floor underneath or even cause the carpet and carpet pad to start rotting.

Once the area becomes wet enough, run a nylon brush through the carpet fibers till they are all straight.

A matted carpet can also be as a result of furniture feet.

Under the intense amount of pressure from heavy furniture feet like couches, beds, dressers, recliners, and others, the carpet fibers may become compressed, thus leaving a deep indentation.

You can give these indentations a fresh new look by removing the matt appearance by placing an ice cube on the small indentation.

Once the ice cube melts, “comb” the area with a nylon brush to straighten out the fibers.

You can keep changing the position of the heavy furniture on a regular basis to prevent the carpet from matting in these areas.

However, this can be really tiresome and frustrating.

The good news is that you can avoid all the matting without having to reposition the furniture by placing felt furniture pads underneath the furniture feet.

A good example of felt furniture pads that I would totally recommend since I also use them on my furniture feet are the X-Protector Felt Furniture Pads.

These furniture pads basically create a strong shield between your carpet and heavy furniture feet, thus preventing indentations due to the excessive amount of pressure applied to the carpet. Of course, this prevents matting as well.

These furniture pads can also protect your carpet from wear and tear due to furniture feet, not to mention helping keep the furniture in place, thus preventing slipping or sliding.

That said, let’s discuss the fourth method of fixing matted carpet in high traffic areas.


4. Use Clothes Iron to Refresh the Matted Carpet


Using a clothes iron to fix a matted carpet is one of the oldest yet most effective ways.

What makes it even better is that it makes matted carpets in high-traffic areas look new and fresh.

The entire process is easy and hassle-free.

It goes like this;

  •   Wet a white, lint-free piece of cloth and wring it out in order to remove excess water. You don’t want to soak up the carpet


  •   Next, set the clothes iron to medium heat


  •   Next, spread the wet cloth on top of the matted carpet


  •   Iron the cloth- the heat plus moisture will help soften and loosen up the carpet fibers, therefore eliminating the matted appearance


  •   For a large area, use a large white lint-free cloth


  •   If some of the carpet fibers still look matted, you can use a nylon brush to straighten them out


How to Fix Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas- Bottom Line


Fixing a matted carpet in high traffic areas isn’t as hard as it seems. Using a carpet rake is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to do this.

Of course, it’s important to keep these areas clean in order to prevent the dirt and debris from causing the carpet fibers to stick together.

Go ahead and follow the above steps I’ve mentioned and restore your matted carpet’s look.

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