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Can You Put Rugs on Vinyl Plank Flooring? (Is It Really Safe?)

Can you put rugs on vinyl plank flooring?

Well, yes!

You can put a rug on your vinyl plank flooring and enjoy the warm and comfort it brings.

However, there is something important you need to know.

“Not all rugs are safe for vinyl plank flooring.”

 To be specific, I am talking about rubber-backed rugs which are known to cause staining and discoloration on your precious vinyl plank floors.

The rubber on rugs reacts with the chemicals found in vinyl and thus causes staining.

Usually, heat from the sunlight or friction from foot traffic on rubber backed rugs causes this chemical reaction

However, if you’ve already purchased a rubber backed rug, don’t worry because you can still place it on your floors.

You just need to place a rug pad underneath the rug and it will protect your vinyl plank flooring from discoloration.

Also, non-rubber backed rugs tend to be more slippery on vinyl plank floors and technically all types of floors.

The good news is that placing a rug pad will not only keep the rug in place, but it will also prevent it from sliding on your vinyl floor.


Can You Put Rugs on Vinyl Plank Flooring?


I recommend placing the Mohawk Home Felt Rubber All Surface Non Slip Rug Pad. (This rug pad has a rubber bottom. However, the manufacturer has clearly stated that after thorough testing, this rug pad will not stain any one of your floors, including vinyl plank flooring).

Mohawk Home Rug Pad Central Felt Rubber All Surface Non-Slip Rug Pad

If you still haven’t purchased an area rug for your vinyl plank flooring, I would like to recommend the Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush Graphite Gray Area Rug.

Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection

Unlike most area rugs, the Unique Loom Area Rug comes with a jute backing.

Jute is a natural fiber material that does not react with the chemicals in your vinyl flooring. It’s therefore perfectly safe for your vinyl plank floor.

However, jute backed rugs can be slippery, so you will still need to get the Mohawk Home Felt Rubber All Surface Non Slip Rug Pad.

That said, below is a comprehensive review of the Mohawk Non Slip Rug Pad and the Unique Loom Shag Area Rug.


Why Do I Recommend the Mohawk Home Non Slip Rug Pad?


I purchased this rug pad for my area rug a few years back and I have to say it has served me really well.

I love the fact that it protects my floors against staining from my area rug.

You and I know too well that stains from chemical reactions are typically permanent and the only solution is usually replacing the affected area.

That’s why it’s better to prevent this before it actually happens.

Here is a list of all the things I love about the Mohawk Home Non Slip Rug Pad;


  •   It prevent sliding on floors and carpets thanks to its rubber bottom side that firmly grips hard surfaces


  •   It does not stain your floors, even though it has a rubber bottom. The rug pad has passed the staining test with flying colors


  •   The rug pad does not leave any marks or residue on your vinyl plank flooring


  •   The rug pad adds a layer of cushioning between your vinyl plank flooring and area rug, allowing you to enjoy a plush feel on your feet and comfort


  •   It helps protect your vinyl flooring from scratches and stains while prolonging its life


  •   It helps preserve the life of your area rug by reducing wear and tear from foot traffic, furniture, pets, and more


  •   The rug pad can be easily trimmed with scissors to match the exact size and shape of your rug (a rug pad should be at least 1-inch smaller than the rug. This helps keep the rug in place while preventing curling on the edges, thus reducing tripping hazards.


  •   The rug pad helps absorb noises and is therefore an excellent choice if you live on the second or third floor so your neighbors won’t hear every sound from your house


  •   It’s very easily to vacuum


  •   It’s easy to install- all you have to do is unroll it, cut it to size if needed, and then place your area rug above it


  •   It’s made in the USA


What Not to Like About the Mohawk Home Non Slip Area Rug?


Honestly, this rug pad is incredibly awesome and I have nothing negative to say about it.

For the years I’ve had it, it has never discolored my floors and my area rug is still in shape- no signs of damage or wear and tear.

I also love how it keeps my floors well protected from foot traffic and furniture by adding a thick cushioning foundation.

That’s why I highly recommend you place it underneath your area rug on vinyl plank flooring.

In fact, it’s highly advisable to place a rug pad underneath your rugs or carpets on any floor as the benefits are numerous.


Why Do I Recommend the Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush Graphite Gray Area Rug?


Like I had earlier said, choosing an area rug that does not have a rubber backing is a great choice for your vinyl plank flooring.

The Unique Loom Shag Area Rug is one such rug.

Instead of a rubber-backing, this rug comes with a jute backing which is a natural material that won’t stain or discolor your vinyl plank flooring.

However, since jute backing is naturally slippery, you will need to place a rug pad like the Mohawk Home Non-Slip Rug Pad to make it less slippery.

That said, here are the many reasons why the Unique Loom Area Rug is an excellent option for your vinyl plank flooring;


  •   It’s a lush, soft, and comfortable area rug


  •   It has a jute backing which won’t stain or discolor your vinyl plank flooring


  •   Its strong and durable- the rug is made with high-quality materials- it’s made to stand against normal wear and tear even with heavy foot traffic


  •   It’s an ideal choice for high traffic areas in your home


  •   It’s perfectly safe and comfortable for your kids and pets


  •   It’s beautiful and elegant with a wide range of versatile designs and colors


  •   It comes in a wide range of sizes and styles including round, square, standard, and runner sizes


  •   It’s an excellent choice for the bedroom, living room as well as dining room


  •   It’s a machine made rug that is constructed with the strong and durable polypropylene material


  •   Its water resistant


  •   Its mold resistant


  •   Its mildew resistant


  •   Its stain resistant


  •   It does not shed


  •   Its colorfast- this means the color on this run won’t come off during cleaning or fade over time


  •   It’s easy to vacuum


  •   It’s easy to clean-the manufacturer recommends spot cleaning


  •   Its thick


  •   Its strong and durable


  •   Its budget-friendly


What You May Not Like About the Unique Loom Shag Area Rug


In every other way, this area rug is perfect. It’s strong, durable, and affordable too.

However, there is one little problem.

Since it’s made from polypropylene, this rug will give off some slightly unpleasant odor due to off-gassing which is a very common occurrence with polypropylene rugs.

Don’t worry though. The smell won’t last.

It will eventually subside in an open well ventilated area.

If the odor is too strong, the manufacturer recommends leaving it outside on a sunny day in order to quickly neutralize the odors.

The manufacturer also recommends adding baking soda to the rug while outside in order to hasten the process.

Can you Put Rugs on Vinyl Plank Flooring?- Bottom Line

Area rugs are perfectly safe for vinyl plank flooring.

But like I said earlier, it’s important that you place a high-quality rug pad like the Mohawk Non Slip Rug Pad in order to protect your floors from discoloration as well as prevent slipping.

So please don’t hesitate to put a rug on your vinyl plank flooring.

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